Outdoor Advertising Association of SC
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Public Service Policy

The OAASC considers the support of worthwhile civic charitable organizations necessary for our local communities development and growth. OAASC donates thousands of dollars worth of free advertising space to many deserving and qualified organizations throughout the state. In order to facilitate qualified organizations obtaining statewide public service space, the following guidelines have been established

To be eligible for public service, an organization must:
1. Be a non-profit organization
2. Be a charitable, civic or a governmental entity
3. Spend NO MONEY for advertising except production and installation costs
4. Provide service or outreach statewide

OAASC asks that all public service advertising requests be submitted in writing as far in advance as possible. Upon completion of the campaign, OAASC will provide proof of purchase location list and the approximate retail value of the program. We also ask that a letter be sent to OAASC acknowledging the donation and/or the organizations general view of the service and product.

Public Service space shall be provided by OAASC at no cost, except for applicable production and/or labor costs. The following list details typical charges for various types of billboards:
1. Poster Panels
2. Flex Face Bulletins
All designs are subject to content approval by OAASC. Public service is provided on a space available basis. Each public service poster/flex will normally be displayed for a minimum of 30 days; however, OAASC reserves the right to shorten or to extend this time without prior notice. A detailed description and objective of the campaign should be enclosed with your application. All artwork should include the following: Public Service Provided by Outdoor Advertising Association of South Carolina.

Production of the billboards will be done through the OAASC with one of its member firms.