Outdoor Advertising Association of SC
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The Outdoor Advertising Association of South Carolina considers the support of worthwhile civic charitable organizations necessary for the growth and development of our local communities. Through the Public Service Announcement Program, OAASC donates thousands of dollars worth of free advertising space to many deserving and qualified organizations throughout the state.

Should you be interested in utilizing the OAASC Public Service Announcement Program, you need to ensure your organization meets the following eligibility requirements: Posters ($250/poster): Posters are billboards that are smaller than bulletins. These smaller panels are can be placed in more locations and offer a more efficient way to target a specific audience with your message.

Digital ($500/digital): Digital billboards offer static messages that rotate every few seconds with typically six to eight advertisers sharing the same location. Ad messages change every six to eight seconds.

Bulletins ($1,350-$1,850)/bulletin: A bulletin is the largest standard-sized billboard that delivers maximum exposure to vehicular traffic on expressways, highways and primary arteries. Bulletins provide a large amount of space for your message.

*All designs are subject to content approval by the OAASC Board of Directors. OAASC reserves the right to reject or withdraw any copy before or after posting. Public service announcements are installed for a 4-week period, but timeframes are not guaranteed as PSA space is provided on a space available basis. OAASC retains the sole discretion of approving or denying the public service request.

Are you interested in starting a public service campaign across South Carolina using outdoor advertising? Please contact Whitney Williams at 803-609-6868 or Whitney@OAA-SC.com for an application. On behalf of all the members at OAASC, we look forward to working with you to help spread your public service message to the people of South Carolina!